Being out of my element, dealing with the transition and stress of the task at hand, and weathering the intensity of Cusco winter season has taken its toll on me physically and emotionally. I knew I needed to do something to care for myself…of course yoga is always the best medicine to tune in and love myself.

Oh how my body misses yoga…

Saturdays tend to be a mixed bag around Casa – usually tons of housecleaning, studying, and some sort of group activity. I have been so busy with the business side of things around Casa this past week, and I really haven’t had as much time as I’d like to hang out with the kids. So I thought I’d invite them to come and do some yoga with me. I ended up getting a larger than expected turn out, and was surprised at what a great yoga teacher I proved to be…;-)

Here’s a shot of the kids learning “Downward Facing Dog”…Yoga made even sweeter with great company :-)