Summer already?? Seems I was just writing you to wish you a Happy New Year and let you know about my upcoming trip to Peru…Well – my trip came and went…it was amazing as I knew it would be, and my life has shifted in many ways ever since…

After meeting the children and family at Casa de Milagros – I was more sure than ever before that I wanted to be a part of this cause for many years to come, and wanted to be of service in a bigger way. Unfortunately, we all suffered a major loss on February 20th when Mama Kia, the founder of the Casa, lost her battle with cancer. Her passing left many questions and even more to-do’s, which the Board has been consumed with over the last couple of months. In the days after, we were able to travel to Florida to be with Mama Kia’s biological children, and discuss with her daughter Marie what logistics need to be taken care of in order to keep the Casa running smoothly. Due to severe flooding in the Sacred Valley – the Casa sustained some structural damage, and the kids had to be evacuated to a mission in Cusco for almost two months. Thankfully they were very well taken care of, and are now back at home; with limited access due to the damage to parts of the home.

Needless to say – the Board and I have our work cut out for us. There are many administrative and operational projects on the Casa plate for the next few months. It was decided that I would return this summer for a few months to give support to Marie, assist with managing several projects, and be an on-the-ground liaison for the Board as we implement some new procedures and marketing objectives. I feel so honored, and incredibly blessed to be entrusted with this responsibility. Most of all, I just can’t wait to be back at Casa de Milagros and with the kids!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to see my pics from last trip – you can see them here: