The town of Pisac (Pisaq) is one of my favorite places in the Sacred Valley.  I fell in love with Pisac the first time I came five years ago, and have fallen more in love with it ever since. It’s about 45 minutes from Cusco city and about 15 minutes from Casa De Milagros. Pisac is known for its amazing ruins, and for its popular artisan market. The entire town is lined with ancient Inca agricultural terraces that are still in use today, and the ruins provide an impressive backdrop to the town below. I’ve visited the ruins about 3 times, and there is still so much more for me to see and learn…

Impressive ruins and all, what I really love about Pisac is the market…and the people. Pisac has always been an artisan town with a rich and beautiful tradition of local artisans and vendors that produce everything from handmade silver to pottery and textiles.

Since arriving back in Peru, I’ve been to Pisac several times – mostly for Casa business such as grocery shopping and buying supplies we just can’t get in our little town of Lamay. But it’s also become my day-off destination…where I come to just feel peaceful and happy, and to enjoy a lovely afternoon…

I’ve found my favorite little spots to have lunch or dinner, such as Ulrike’s Cafe, the Blue Llama and the Pisac Inn. My favorite activity in Pisac is to sit out on the street in front of the Pisac Inn – right in the main corner/hub of the market – with a delicious Pisco Sour, and just people watch. There is a fabulous energy to Pisac, and it just seems to draw the coolest people…both tourists and vendors are some of the happiest folk you’ll meet in Peru. Of course I have my go-to vendors for a variety of beautiful handmade goods, and when I can I love to support them.

I just spent a couple of days shopping for gifts for my upcoming visit to the states, and was reminded how much I love this town! ;-) So I thought I’d share a few of my pictures of Pisac over the past few years…Enjoy!

View from the top of Pisac ruins – December 2008

Beautiful belt from a beautiful lady – Pisac Ruins December 2008

Gorgeous Pisac Valley – December 2008

Fancy Flute Player – Pisac Ruins December 2008

Beautiful Boy – Pisac Ruins January 2010

Our Fabulous Flute-Playing Guide – Pisac Ruins January 2010

Lulue and I playing Peek-a-Boo ;-) – Pisac Ruins January 2010

A Rainy Market Day – Pisac Market January 2010

A Rainy Market Day – Pisac Market January 2010

“Secrets” – Pisac Market January 2010

Pisac Inn – January 2010

Pisco Sour in Pisac – Pisac Inn June 2012

Beautiful Hats – Pisac, June 2012

Shipibo Tapestries @Ayahuasca Cafe – Pisac, June 2012

Flower Girls – Pisac, June 2012

Mi Amiga de Pisac – Pisac, June 2012