I have no delusions of grandeur with this blog, or expectations that any one will read it. ;-) However – for those that do, I hope you will find it an interesting, often funny, and sometimes neurotic perspective on my own journey through this crazy little life.

This past year has been pretty full of self reflection, emotional and physical “work”. In the past couple of years I have worked with a therapist, a holistic nutritionist, a couple of personal trainers, and a life coach. At 28 – that either makes me sound super messed up, or super pro-active ;-) Needless to say I have had many wonderful advisors and wise souls to bounce ideas off of. There has also been a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth through my job, which has helped me build my confidence and discover my true passions. I am starting to figure out how I can use my gifts to be of service in a much deeper way. Perhaps what I am most grateful for are the amazing people I can call community…

The learning, healing and growth has all been wonderful, but lately I have felt a bit overwhelmed. It is a lot to take in, and a lot to constantly hold in the corner of your mind. I feel like I’m kinda missing the big picture – like I need some time to just sit with everything, absorb it, and try to make some sense of it all.

This blog was inspired out of a need to start capturing some of my thoughts, ideas, learning lessons, and support me as I work on achieving my goals. As a true 7 on the Enneagram – I tend to be fascinated by almost anything (seriously) so as soon as I say I want to do one thing, I get distracted and interested in 3 others…This blog will hopefully keep me accountable – to give me a place to record what I am committing to and why. To FOCUS on those key objectives and to track my progress, as I tend to lose motivation if I feel like results are not happening fast enough. It will be interesting to look back on my journey – to see what happens along the way to achieving my wildest dreams.

Yesterday I performed a saging/clearing ceremony in my apartment – never done that before, but felt like it definitely needed to be done. Ever since Stephanie mentioned that she felt a spirit in my place, I have been feeling pretty sketchy. After all the crazy stuff that happened during the Washington D.C. trip, I had an overall sense that there was something really funky going on with my energy field. I did my own little ritual, with some supplies I picked up at the local spiritual store, and finished it off with some personal affirmations and intentions, as well as a personal cleansing with some potion that was supposed to cleanse me of all negative spirits/energy. Hey, as long as you believe it works…Point is – that is another reason why I feel like this is a new beginning for me, I am starting fresh in more ways than one. I am no longer content with letting old negative patterns and self-limiting beliefs hold me back.

Today is a new day, and I commit to creating the life I have always dreamed of – and becoming the person I am destined to become. Here’s to living a vibrant, healthy, fun, passionate and CRAZY life!!