My "Stealth" first few days in Lima
Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru

I have been in Peru for almost three days and leave for Cusco tomorrow. My first day was spent resting and hanging out with my grandma and my cousin Mario. My first meal back in Peru after 12 years was….Pizza Hut. ;-) Still way better than American Pizza Hut, but nonetheless a tad bit ironic.

On the 16th I woke up and had my first Peruvian Breakfast which never fails to deliver – fresh baked bread rolls with fresh cheese and ham, fresh jugo (juice) and Peruvian Coffee (even the instant coffee in Peru kicks Starbucks’ ass!!) After breakfast, my cousin Mario and I went for a walk to Andres’s house – to get some exercise and mostly just spend some time getting to know each other. We had a blast hanging out in the park and I relished being able to spoil him ;-) For lunch, I took him to a Cebicheria on the corner of Simon Salguero called “Punta Sal” where I had my first “real” Peruvian Ceviche in 12 years. YUMMMMM. and for only 21 soles (about 7 bucks) not bad at all.

That evening I was invited to my Tio Alberto and Tia Maria Elvira’s house. My cousin Maria Ines had just flown in that day from West Virginia – so we had a mini Miro Quesada family reunion of sorts.

I had my first “Pollo a la Brasa” (Rotisserie Chicken) at Pardo’s – A Peruvian staple and the most amazing food ever. They just don’t make chicken or fries like that in the states…And I got to see my aunt Bibi and her beautiful babies, it was wonderful.

Now I am packing for CUSCO!!! ;-) I have to wake up super early to be at the airport for my 7:40 flight, so I should be sleeping, but I’m too excited! Stay tuned for hopefully amazing pictures and stories…