One month in Peru – first thoughts on paper…such a whirlwind…what’s new?

I am at Hanaq Pacha laying in my room, watching the fire dance in my own little fireplace, and listening to the cascading waterfalls that are seemingly all around me…Last night’s full moon is still full and bright – magically illuminating the endless clusters of stars in the sky.  This is a truly sacred, magical place.

Cusco is different this time around. I knew the honeymoon image of Cusco would make way to the reality, and that living here is quite different than visiting for a few days.

It’s been challenging to realize that this magical place also has its dark sides, and its never-ending contradictions. So much beauty and spirit, but the darkness can get to you if you let it…particularly after the frustration of having my cell phone and my wallet stolen.

However, I can honestly say that I still feel absolutely blessed to be here. I have to remind myself that this is a unique experience in so many ways. I have not lived outside of the United States since I was a very young girl, and this is my first time spending more than a few weeks in Peru as an adult. I wanted this, I manifested it, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to support such an amazing organization.

The kids help remind me why I’m here, and they have been amazing. Will write more later – I think I’ll take a little moonlit stroll and soak in the moon’s energy for a bit…did I mention I am blessed? ;-)