One year later – returning to the land that filled me with so much inspiration and energy exactly one year ago. Many lessons on this trip, some still in the works and others coming through loud and clear. I am being gently and not-so-gently reminded that life is a continuous cycle of change and transition – it has to be – and those of us who try to hold onto moments will be consistently disillusioned and disappointed.

This is not the same Cusco of a year ago – just as I am not the same person. This trip was different for many reasons – both in purpose and in context. This was not a vacation; yet I have had great fun, met some wonderful people, and seen some amazing things.

Casa de Milagros was incredible. My heart has never felt so full of love, and so confident that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing with my life, and with my energy.

I will write more soon – for now, here are my pics:  Peru Pics – January, 2010